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Magnesium Market Weekly Analysis

Source : Magnesium Products Department Published: 2014-03-05

Affected by the overall economic downturn, magnesium market demand is weak, magnesium prices is continued to decline in recently , The market price will be close to cost in the short term,and that  still needs time to deal with the stock, on March market is not optimistic. " magnesium prices fell partly the reason is one hand domestic and international economic situation is bad, poor demand The other hand that I think the root cause is still due to excess supply of magnesium industry, only to go through a process of long-term low-cost, forcing some factories shut down, to reach a balance between supply and demand market to improve. ", There is less foreign demand, domestic magnesium plant years ago, a lot of goods Tuen, March just normal production and flour mill order is not good, so digestion ingot inventory still needs some time,  the current magnesium ingot makers are still facing difficulties.

In summary, the recent pattern of magnesium City oversupply led to prices fall down quickly, support from the external market to see the current upturn momentum magnesium City still difficult to see, in the short term is expected to remain at the bottom of magnesium City hovering

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